Year Of Return: Mini Tour Session II (Jan 2-7th) 2020 DEPOSIT

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The Year of Return 2019 is both an opportunity for Diasporan Africans retunring home to reflect on the past and also anticipate for the future. The month of December will be a climax time for those Diasporan Africans visiting Ghana. The Mini Tours (Session I & II) are about introducing those visiting Ghana, many for the first time, an opportunity to see a few of the most significant and beautiful sites that Ghana has to offer in a span of 4-5 days. We specicifially created the tours in this way so that visitors can explore the natural beauty of Ghana and also enjoy some of the festivities & activities that Accra & Cape Coast have to offer such as the AfroChella & AfroNation concerts/festivals. The tour will begin in Accra where guests will tour the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Arts Center before heading to Cape Coast. In Cape Coast, participants wil tour the infamous El Mina & Cape Coast slave castles. The birthplace of Transatlantic Slave Trade. Cape Coast is one of the most culturally significant spots in Africa. This former European colonial capital was once the largest slave-trading centre in West Africa. Coveted by its European colonizers for its abundance of gold, Cape Coast is also known for being the last stop for Africans who were taken into slavery by European colonizers to the Americas. After leaving Cape Coast participants will tour the Eastern Region (Mountain Zone). There participants will tour Aburi Botanical Gardens, Boti Falls & Akaa Falls.  Aburi Botanical Gardens is lush beautiful garden,  is situated in Aburi 32 km north from Accra on 160 acres, and is popular with bird and butterfly watchers. It is a great destination for picnics, especially if you set up your blanket under the shade of 160-year-old kapok trees. Situated in a village called Boti in the Manya Krobo district in the Eastern Region, Boti is a beautiful waterfall only a few miles from Koforidua. The spectacular sceneries to behold as you make your way through the tropical rainforest which harbors the falls is the perfect tourism experience. The Akaa Waterfalls is referred to as nature's undiscovered beauty in Ghana. Akaa Falls is a fantastic natural waterfall located in the Eastern Region. Akaa falls take sources from the Boti river, the very river from which the Boti Falls takes its source. These falls are accessed via a scenic 250 concrete steps to the bottom, where a canyon of water can fall around you from 3 sides if the flow is good! Participants on this tour will certainly have a nice slice of the metropolitian and natural sides of Ghana. In addition, daily (optional) Yoga & Meditation will surely help participants to integrate the entire experience on deeper levels. You are most welcome to join us. Register Today!