The Nude Rainforest Yoga Retreat: Brazil (Four Extra Days)

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The Back To Nature: Nude Rainforest Yoga Retreat (February 21st-27th 2019) is going to be an opportunity for me to share a beautiful nature based healing experience with you all in the middle of the Serra do Conduru State Park, located in the Itacare municipality in the state of Bahia. The Serra do Conduru State Park is in the Atlantic Forest biome and consists of dense rainforest, rivers, & waterfalls. The harmonic mix of forests with waterfalls and it’s beaches are some of the most beautiful and exotic examples to be seen in all of Brazil. On this nature based five day and four night journey, expect to connect with your wild and free side!! Participants will experience everything from nude sunrise/sunset Yoga & meditation, to nude swimming in the river, nude mud baths, nude bonfire rituals, nature bonding and more. There will be no boundaries between you and the healing force of Great Mama Nature. 

I welcome you all to the rainforest of Brazil with me during this time to wrap yourself in the abundance of Mama Nature as she provides her fresh fruits, vegetables, coconut water, fresh air and high vibrations and serene environment for the best Nude Yoga experience ever!

This Retreat Includes:
* Lodging
* Transportation in Brazil
* Nude sunrise/sunset Yoga & Meditation in the Rainforest w/ Kemetic Yogi
* Nude River Swimming
* Nude Mud Baths
* Rainforest Hikes
* Nude Bon Fire Rituals
* Delicious Raw Vegan Meals, Juices Smoothies & Coconut Water
* Body Art & More!! 

Payment Details:

Deposit Deadline: $299 Due November 22nd

Second Payment: $239 Due December 22nd

Final Payment: $239 Due January 22nd

Total Cost Of The Retreat Is Only: $777!!

For More Information Contact Bro. Kamean (Kemetic Yogi) at:

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE (However, if for any reason one can not make the retreat, an exchange can be made for a retreat of equal or lesser value at a future date).