The Ancestral Voices


It was early May of 2016 when I discovered the poetry of my now beloved Bro. Kwasi Ankhoma. I remember going through some mutual Ghanaian friends profiles on FB and stumbling across his prolific writings, like it was yesterday. I was deeply moved by his content and his mastery of a language the was not his first spoken language. I knew that I had to meet him when I reached Ghana later that month. Even before meeting him I had pledge to lend my support to help him share his work with the world. I reached out to him before I arrived and even then we instantly had a connection. Upon my return to Ghana, later that month (May 2016), I called him and he came to meet me in Accra. I instantly felt a connection with this Brutha. His deep passion for African liberation and upliftment is so inspirational! He is so passionate about the plight of Africans around the world! Hearing his poetry in person made me love him even more! Not to mention, we both share a love of children, which sealed the deal! 

It is an honor to now be carrying his first poetry book (Ancestral Voices) in my online store ( This is what I dreamed of!  Being able to provide a platform for my bruthas and sisters across the African continent and throughout the Diaspora who have amazing talent, but whose voices get dimmed out in the face of poverty and lack of technological access. 

I encourage you all to get a copy of his book and show your support. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with your purchase! Let's all support our Bro. Kwasi on his mission so that he can continue to deliver us powerful messages in the form of prolific poetry. His dream is to also include a spoken word multi-media aspect to his next project. He is also in the process of writing a children's book of short stories from an African context and I have the honor of assisting with the editing process. It is such an honor to support my beloved Bro! You can also show your support today by visiting the Naga Shop at: and purchase your copy today! 

Thank You!