Neo Afrikan Spirituality Tour (Full Payment)


Neo Afrikan Spirituality Tour (Dec 30th-Jan 13th)

Ghana, Togo and Benin are home to an amazing diversity of traditional cultures, from which the once mighty mighty kingdoms of the Ashanti & the fierce Dahomey to smaller groups living in isolation in the bush. This tour explores all three, starting in Accra, one of West Africa’s liveliest cities before crossing into Togo and Benin to witness traditional Voodoo ceremonies deep within the swanps. We also explore stilt villages and interesting cultural sites.  In Ghana, we look for sacred monkeys in the forest and travel through the lands of the Dagomba, as well as visiting the fishing village of Elmina, home to an imposing slave castle dating back more than 500 years!

The main focus of this fifteen day tour is to gain a deeper understanding of traditional Afrikan spirituality within its proper cultural context; in this case, traditional Akom & Voodoun spiritual systems. Moreover, we will also be gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural context from which from which Akom  & Voodoo/Voodoun emerge. You can expect to experience firsthand, the traditional rituals and ceremonies, in addition to receiving teachings from local priest and priestesses at their respective shrines. The countries that we will be focusing on in this tour are Ghana (Eastern Region, Ashanti Region-Kumasi & Volta Region), Togo (Lome, Togoville, & Bolou) & Benin (Porto Novo, Abomey, Quidah & Contonou). We will be spending five days in each country. During our time in each country, we will be visiting popular cultural tourists sites, in addition to working with traditional priests and priestesses of the traditional Akan & Voodoun spiritual practices. The climax of the tour will be the Voodoun Festival in Benin on January 10th! Finishing with a departure from Ghana on the 13th. 



  • Guest House Accommodations in Ghana, Togo & Benin
  • Transportation Throughout Ghana, Togo & Benin
  • Vegetarian Breakfast & Lunch
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • Experienced & Talented Tour Guides
  • Participation in Traditional Voodoun Ceremonies (Ewe - Togo & Benin)
  • Participation in Traditional Akom (Akan-Ghana) Spiritual Ceremonies
  • Afrikan Drumming Workshops
  • Afrikan Dance Workshops
  • Twi & Ewe Language Lessons
  • Excursions to El Mina, Cape Coast Castle, Voodoun Shrines. Royal Palace (All Three Countries), Campout (Ghana), Wli Falls, Lake Nokue, Slave Port (Benin) and more!



  • Deposit Due: $1111 December 1st
  • Final Payment: $1111 on December 23rd
  • Total Payment: $2222

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON_REFUNDABLE (However, if for any reason one cannot make the retreat, an exchange can be made for a retreat of equal or lesser value at a future date.