Naga Yoga Teacher Training

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The Naga or cobra snake was used by the ancients of Kemet and Ethiopia to represent the consciousness of the African or enlightened being. Smai Tawi or Yoga (in Sanskrit) is the process of combining nature with intelligence (heart and mind). It means to yoke or to constrain the activities of the mind which keep you from being fully aware. The Naga asana or extension of the spine is the first movement of the spine in its own natural course of development. The fact that extension of the spine is first in the development of the human embryo indicates its importance in the natural order of things. This movement and posture therefore becoming the most important of the 84,000 yoga asanas for maintaining health. Likewise, the fact that flexibility comes first, it also becomes the most important of the methods in developing the human body including but not limited to strengthening, cardio-vascular conditioning, power, speed, quickness, agility, eye-hand or foot-hand coordination, etc.   

Breakdown For The Private 30 day Intensive (Naga Yoga Teacher Certification)

Training Dates: NOVEMBER 20TH TO DECEMBER 20TH 2018

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification (Registered Through Yoga Alliance)
  • Ra Sekhi (Kemetic Reiki) - Level I & II Attunements
  • The Yogi Diet - A Series (6) Of Vegan & Living Foods Classes
  • Introduction To Fasting & Detoxification
  • Intro To Kemetic Yoga (YogaSkills Method)
  • Thai Massage Certification (Option & Additional Cost)

Five Points I will Be Teaching On:

  • African Origins of Yoga & Its Philosophy
  • Physiology & Anatomy For Yoga Guides
  • Foundational Yoga Postures: Proper Alignment, Benefits and Potential Risks
  • An introduction Into Subtle Body, Traditional African Healing Modalities and Meditation
  • Confidence Though Practice Teaching & Hands On Adjustments