Altar Work - Building, Charging & Maintaining Your Personal Altar

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Altar Work - Building, Charging & Maintaining Your Personal Altar (Four 60min Sessions)
Description: Much like in ancient times, many people build altars as their personal place of prayer, ritual, and meditation. Altars are one way to acknowledge the sacredness of all the space we inhabit. By acknowledging that something greater than ourselves exists, we create an environment where a sense of the sacred can be realized in our everyday lives and in ourselves. Altars don't "make" a space sacred: they work by showing us what has been there all along. What differentiates an altar from a simple grouping of objects on a table or mantle-piece is intention. Creating altars will permit you to articulate feelings and thoughts into full consciousness. Yet, as acreative process, altar building draws on unconscious thoughts and associations as well, bringing thoughts and feelings we may not have been fully aware of into the open. Beginning his altar work over ten years ago, Kamean (Kemetic Yogi) has learned the sacred work of altar building and maintenence from the temple Smai Tawi of the world reknown Queen Afua & Baba Semaj Heru.
Cost: $159