The Naga Shop was born out of the intention to support global African economic development (The Naga Economic Development Movement). It showcases the beautiful creations of expert continental African artisans, designers, jewelers, craftsmen & women. The goal is to provide opportunities for African small business owners to have access to the global market place. As big corporations continue to grow and overshadow small business owners around the world, it is even more important for us to make sure that these talented men and women in town & cities, villages and bush across Sub-Suharan Africa still have a chance to connect with YOU! Many of our designers work only by daylight because they don't have electricity; while others spend most of their time traveling the country collecting the most exquisite pieces of authentic art and crafts from local village artisans. 

It all began in October 2015, when Kamean Daniels (Kemetic Yogi) traveled to Ghana to complete his first international Yoga retreat. It was there that he connected with Selom Agbenozan, a 21 year old Togolese fashion designer. After meeting through a mutual friend , Kamean and Selom developed a friendship which would later turn into a beautiful business partnership. Selom would eventually design exquisite clothing and accessories for most of the participants on the 2015 Roots & Culture Yoga Retreat. It wasn't long before Kamean connected with other designers, jewelers, natural hair stylists, dancers, artists and drummers with whom he would collaborate with on the 2016 Roots & Culture Yoga Retreat in Ghana. These connections turned into an organized movement to empower African small business owners by connecting them directly to international clientele. We appreciate your business. Thank supporting our African business collective!