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Authentically African

The Naga Shop was born out of the intention to support global African economic development. It showcases the beautiful creations of expert continental African artisans, designers, jewelers, craftsmen & women. The goal is to provide opportunities for African small business owners to have access to the global market place. As big corporations continue to grow and overshadow small business owners around the world, it is even more important for us to make sure that these talented men and women in cities, towns & villages across Subsuharan Africa still have a chance to connect and do business with YOU! Many of our designers work only by daylight because they don't have electricity; while others spend most of their time traveling the country collecting the most exquisite pieces of authentic art and crafts from local village artisans. This is all for you, our beautiful customers. We appreciate your business. Thank for supporting our African business collective! 

PLEASE NOTE: This process only applies to clothing orders. All other orders ship within 72 hours of purchase. 

The Naga Shop prides itself on keeping with the traditional African garment making process in tact! Every clothing item you order from the Naga Shop is custom made to fit you personally! Nothing is pre-made! That is why your email and contact info is collected each time you place an order. Once your purchase is made, it goes directly to our customer service representatives who will then collect your dimensions. No true African fabric pattern is alike, each one is uniquely different. For that reason, once your order is placed and your color chosen you will be asked to select three patterns for you to choose from. These patterns will be emailed to you to make your choice. Once your choice is made, your garment will then be created! This process will take 5-7 days. It is important to us that our customers get exactly what they desire. Moreover, in order to keep shipping costs at a minimum, we only ship garments on the 15th and 30th of each month. For this reason, it is important that you provide accurate email and contact information. It is our mission to ensure that you receive the best quality garment, at the most affordable price and that your garment is personally designed to fit you perfectly!